This  year's stage program was held at Rumsey Playfield



10:30am ~ Soh Daiko - Japanese Taiko Drumming

10:50am ~Tamagusuku Ryu Senjukai - Okinawan Dance

11:10am ~ Speeches/Proclamation

11:20am ~ East Japan Earthquake Relief Efforts - Ceremony of Appreciation  

11:30am ~ Japan Day Art Contest Award Ceremony

11:45am ~ Taisan Tanaka - Japanese Style Paint 



12:30pm ~ International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan - Karate Demonstration

12:50pm ~ Rio Koike - Magic / Comedy

1:10pm ~ Mikoshi Parade

1:20pm ~ Bon Odori with Japanese Folk Dance Institute of NY - Bon Odori

1:40pm ~ Seiji Sugiura - Calligraphy

2:00pm ~ Katsura Sunshine - Rakugo (Traditional Japanese Comic Storytelling)

2:20pm ~ OMOTENASHI Journey / N-Project - Musical



3:00pm ~ Brown Rice Family - World Roots Music

3:20pm ~ COBU - Japanese Taiko Drumming & Dance

3:40pm ~ Miki Orihara with Senri Oe - Dance

3:45pm ~ Senri Oe - Jazz 

4:05pm ~ Akiko Yano - Piano & Vocal



Sandra Endo is a television news correspondent on KTTV Los Angeles, Fox 11 News. Endo covers breaking news and feature reports for Good Day LA. She moved back to her hometown of Los Angeles after spending most of her career on the East Coast. Before making the move back to LA, she worked for CNN based in Washington DC. Her stories have appeared on prime time shows such as AC360 with Anderson Cooper. She also reported on the devastating tsunami and earthquake that struck Japan in 2011, as well as the international conflicts in Egypt and the U.S involvement in Libya. Prior to joining CNN, Endo was a political reporter, host and anchor for NY1, covering a wide array of campaigns, the transit strike of 2005 and reporting around the clock after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. A California native, Endo is a second-generation Japanese American and is an active member of the Asian American Journalists Association.


10:30am - 12:00pm



Japanese Taiko Drumming

Soh Daiko was established as the first taiko drumming group on the East Coast in 1979 under the guidance of the New York Buddhist Church. Reverend Hozen Seki gave the name “Soh Daiko” which means “peace, harmony, working together.” The group gained early instruction from taiko players who taught basic techniques and philosophy as well as drum building; and later, the group received advanced instruction from Sensei Seiichi Tanaka of San Francisco Taiko Dojo. SohDaiko’s current members come from diverse backgrounds and professions. The group’s repertoire includes traditional compositions from Shinto music, adaptations of existing taiko compositions, and original arrangements by its own members. SohDaiko’s presentation also features movement and choreography, requiring strength, endurance, and energy, making for an exciting performance experience. Soh Daiko has performed at celebrated venues including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, and Radio City Music Hall, receiving critical acclaim from The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, and Dance Magazine.


Okinawan Dance

Tamagusuku Ryu Senjukai Frances Nakachi Ryubu Dojo, Okinawan dance academy under the direction of Frances Nakachi Sensei is dedicated in preserving and perpetuating the Okinawan culture for over 19 years. The Academy’s Mission is “Heartfelt Artistry.” By sharing their dance, the academy embraces culture, inspire joy and bridge friendships. Frances Nakachi, (Shihan) Master Teacher and Director together with her students have been promoting and perpetuating the Okinawan culture in Okinawa, Japan, Hawaii, Washington DC and New York. It is the academy’s goal to share their passion with many communities. Japan Day is building Kizuna or bonds of friendships and creating everlasting memories that bring joy to many. Being part of this auspicious event fulfills the academy’s goal in spreading the culture of peace, hope and happiness and making a difference, one dance at a time. Ippee Nifwee Deebiru~! Arigatougozaimasu~! For more information about our academy, visit our website at



Japanese Style Paint

Taisan Tanaka is very famous EMOJI artist & performer. Taisan started his career in 2000 in Tokyo. After many exhibitions in galleries throughout Japan, his unique art became a phenomenon. In 2009 he started his own art school called EMOJI JUKU, where he taught his students, the art of EMOJIs. I think everybody is familiar with the word EMOJI, am I right? But Taisan's EMOJIs are different from the Emoji you all know. There are changing words into pictures. In 2011, after the great earthquake and tsunami that devastated the Tohoku region of Japan. The ministry of defense wanted to thank the american military for their help during this crisis. They asked master Taisan to perform a live calligraphy in front of the officals. The word chosen by Taisan was the word "Gratitude". After many projects in new york, Taisan moved to the city in 2015.

12:30pm - 2:35pm



Karate Demonstration

The International Karate Organization (IKO) Kyokushinkaikan is the worldwide governing body for KYOKUSHIN™ Karate, with schools in 120 countries and over 10 million members. Kyokushin Karate NY is an IKO-Direct Branch with 3 locations in the Tri-State area. With programs for all ages and abilities, KYOKUSHIN stresses the basics of practical training in order to prepare students to avoid conflict, as in the Way of Budo, the honor code of the Samurai. The philosophy of the IKO Kyokushinkaikan is to contribute to society through international exchange and education of youth, to impart an appreciation for life and humanity. The ultimate goal of the IKO Kyokushinkaikan is to advance World Peace.



Magic / Comedy

Within 6 months of launching his career as a magician, Rio Koike was awarded membership in the Magic Castle in Hollywood, the largest association of magicians in the world. He has performed his magic show that features elements of both traditional Japanese entertainment and American-style performance all over the U.S. and Japan. His solo shows are full of surprises and laughs. In 1999, Rio also started a career as stand-up comedian.When he appeared on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” in 2003, he made it to the top 32 contestants in the U.S. In the same year, he embarked on a U.S. comedy tour. In 2009, Comedy Central’s WebTV show “American English with JIMMY T” starring Rio was seen by an audience of over 100,000 people in the U.S. and chosen as the No. 1 comedy piece of the month.




Japanese Folk Dance Institute of NY, Inc was founded in 1992 by Momo Suzuki (teacher and director). The group celebrates and performs in myriad festivals.The group was created to give all the opportunity to enjoy Japanese Dance.Today they will be performing Bonodori, the raucous dance of the summer Bon Festival. New York Ondo led by Momo Suzuki made its World Premiere at Japan Day 2010 and was a great success. It uses the traditional spirit and movements of the Bon Odori dance to celebrate the four seasons in a way that is uniquely New York. New York Ondo features an English verse in the end!




Calligrapher/Master of letters, born in September 10th, 1976, Tajimi-city, Gifu prefecture Japan. He has created new way of Japanese calligraphic arts called “messa-ji” mixed with Hiragana character and Kanji Character. He believes that power of letters can make people happier and make them brave. In 2008, He published the book called “Dream ~Thank you~, the book sold over 30,000 copies. In 2013, he performed live show for government certificated event, friendship 60th Anniversary “Cambodia-Japan Heart to Heart Day”. Today, he is playing an active in various fields such as TV show, live event performance, business training lecturer, lectures in elementary school and so on. 



Rakugo (Traditional Japanese Comic Storytelling)

Katsura Sunshine is a citizen of Canada and Slovenia, and has lived in Japan for 16 years. On September 1st, 2008, Sunshine was accepted as an apprentice to the great Rakugo storytelling master, Katsura Bunshi VI (then named Katsura Sanshi), and subsequently received the name Katsura Sunshine. He received his professional debut in Singapore the following year, and completed his three-year Rakugo apprenticeship in November 2012. He is the first ever Western Rakugo storyteller in the history of the “Kamigata” Rakugo tradition, based in Osaka, and only the second ever in the history of Japan. Sunshine has performed all over the world, throughout North America, Europe, Asia and last year completed his first African tour - to Ghana, Senegal, Gabon and South Africa. Sunshine has been appointed Cultural Ambassador for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Japan, and Friendship Ambassador for Japan and the Republic of Slovenia, and is currently Artist in Residence at The Forge Venue in London.  He lives in London and Tokyo.





Omotenashi Journey is a new musical theatre/dance performance with a message, balancing drama, dance and original music compositions which is the combination of Disney Magic, Broadway and some scene of the authenticity of Japanese culture. Inspired by the slogan for the 2020 Olympics to be held in Japan, Omotenashi Journey offers optimistic storytelling in the veins of Disney films and musicals, both classic and modern, to appeal universally. A diverse ensemble cast consisting of Japanese and Westerners will perform all those roles. Writer & Musical Director Noriko Sunamoto (Japanese Production of Mamma Mia!, The Phantom of The Opera, Wicked, Tokyo Disney, Off-Broadway's The Jackie Mason Musical) is supported by her wonderful and talented friends, musical theatre actors, dancers and musicians from several Broadway, Off-Broadway musical theater productions and widely-recongnized Dance companies. "OMOTENASHI Journey" has performed for the annual festival "Japan Day at Central Park 2015" and as an opening act of the Off-Broadway Musical Comedy "702 Punchlines and Pregnant: The Jackie Mason Musical" at St. Luke's Theatre in June 2015 and as an opening act of the Kajiki's Artist Show at Carnegie Hall in November 2015. We passed the Semi-Finals and are going onto the Finals for New York's Got Talent competition.

3:00pm - 4:30pm



World Roots Music

Today's freshest World Roots band jamming towards Global Solidarity and Organic Happiness.; is a high-energy, eight-member ensemble that combines an eclectic mix of musical influences encompassing Reggae, Hip-hop, Dance-Hall, Brazilian, Afro-beat, Jazz, Latin, and Funk. With its members hailing from all over the world, Brown Rice Family draws on its diverse backgrounds to set the stage for their unique, colorful, rhythm-driven, and highly danceable sound. The BRF sound is in the truest sense of the words World Roots Music. BRF's colorful sound waves will carry rhythm surfers on a musical journey that straddles ancient and contemporary global sounds. Brown Rice Family took Japan by storm, "BRF is bridging cultures together while creating a fun atmosphere within improvisation. Amazing...," wrote Vogue Japan. This "family" creates World Rhythm driven music and dance that is infectious and nutritious for every age, gender, ethnicity, nationality and group.




Japanese Taiko Drumming & Dance

COBU, based in New York City, was created as a Live Rhythm Performing Arts Group in 2000. Yako Miyamoto, the founder of Cobu, is a veteran member of the Off-Broadway musical STOMP. COBU combines elements of the Japanese traditional Taiko drumming with NY style street dancing. COBU’s motto is ‘Dance like Drumming, Drum like Dancing,’ inspired by the combined sounds of New York and traditional Japanese culture. Their signature sound is created organically through acoustic instruments rather than digital transcription.This juxtaposition of traditional modernity makes COBU a particularly unique and original performing arts group. COBU has been featured in major venues including Madison Square Garden in NYC. Hollywood movie director, Mr. Duane Adler, developed a 3D film based on Yako Miyamoto called “MakeYour Move / COBU 3D” which was released in the USA in 2014.





Miki Orihara is best known for her work as a principal dancer in the Martha Graham Dance Company, which she joined in 1987. Orihara has performed in the Broadway production of The King and I, with PierGroupDance, Lotuslotus, Twyla Tharp, Martha Clarke, Anne Bogart and Robert Wilson. Her teaching credentials include numerous workshops in Japan, Art International in Moscow, Peridance, the Ailey School, New York University, Henny Jurriëns Stichting (Netherlands), Les Etés de la Danse in Paris and New National Theater Ballet School. She is on a faculty at the Graham School and The Hartt School (University of Hartford).  mishmashMiki Orihara launched in 2013, as a Dance Director, created two music videos which released in June, 2014. She produced a benefit concert " Dancing for JAPAN 2014" as a curator, and also produced the first solo concert "Resonance" at the La MaMa theater in New York in May, 2014. “Resonance” toured Wisconsin, San Francisco and Amsterdam with Jazz Pianist Senri Oe.  In 2010 she was awarded the prestigious Bessie Award for Sustained Achievement in Dance.





Senri Oe’s international debut all-jazz album,”Boys Mature Slow,” has generated many rave reviews. Oe has been active and influential in the Japanese music scene as a lyricist, composer and arranger since his debut in 1983. In January 2008, Oe decided to move to New York to study jazz under Aaron Goldberg and Junior Mance. Oe graduated from The New School for Jazz and Contemporary Music in May 2012. Oe’s new album “Answer July” will be released on July 5th. World premier show will be held at Jazz Gallery, NYC on July 5th.




Piano & Vocal

Akiko Yano was born in Tokyo and raised in Aomori, Japan. She began playing piano at the young age of three and demonstrated promising talent. Akiko recorded her debut album, Japanese Girl, primarily in Los Angeles with Lowell George and Little Feat. When it was released in 1976 many reputed her to be a "girl with a musical wonder." She then began collaborating with Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO). They continued to play on her next recording projects and invited Akiko to join them on two of their worldwide tours. Akiko expanded her musical collaborations with YMO on her subsequent CD releases. Akiko continued to release CDs joined by JAPAN and Pat Metheny and has performed on albums by Thomas Dolby and other artists. In October 2008, her 27th original album akiko was released. The album was produced by Grammy-Award winning producer, T Bone Burnett and recorded in Los Angeles, California. Recently, she has begun performing with guitarist Marc Ribot, as well as with long time friends and fellow musicians Chris Parker and will Lee for a string of energetic shows in Tokyo including stints at the iconic Blue Note Japan.