Japan Day @ Central Park 2013 Art Contest

The Winner: Chan M

最優秀賞_A_Xiaochan Mei_Large Chan M is currently a junior at Edward R. Murrow High School. She first applied for a fashion illustration class at her school, and luckily she got an offer from her art teacher to be enrolled in the Art Institute. Even though she has always enjoyed drawing random manga images from books, she had never thought about pursuing a career as an artist until getting into the Art Institute ― which became a true turning point of her life. She is currently studying oil painting and mixed media at school. Ukiyo-e has always been an inspiring form of art to me, and in fact it has inspired many famous artists such as Van Gogh, Monet and many others. One of the most well-known Ukiyo-es is The Great Wave off Kanagawa, by the acclaimed Japanese artist Hokusai. This art piece is the major inspiration of this work of mine.

About the Artwork

This drawing portrays a corner of Central Park in New York. I used Sakura because it is almost the time of the year when the cherry trees begin to blossom. Its beauty always amazes me. It is always green in Central Park no matter what season New York is in, which attracts many people around the world to come and enjoy the sun. There is a beautiful pond in the center of Central Park. Indeed you can do all kinds of activities there. In summer, you can sit near the pond and feed the ducks; in winter, you can skate on the pond surrounded by all the trees. Therefore, I put the pond in the foreground. The color theme created by the sky, the cherry trees, the grass and the pond are colorful and vivid, which reminds me of spring.

This piece also shows a different side of New York: less busy, and more relaxed. Due to the fact that Ukiyo-e is a type of art that emerges during the seventeenth century, the subject of Ukiyo-e changes from beautiful women to nature, animals and so on. The subject of Ukiyo-e gradually changes to depicting people’s daily life, which I found extremely fascinating. The life Japanese people have lived five hundred years ago is intriguing to a person who is in love with the Japanese culture like myself. I will definitely want to feel and experience the culture with my own eyes instead of looking through Ukiyo-e.”

Honorable Mentions

Tomo Mori (Honorable Mention / Senju Hiroshi Award)

佳作(千住博賞)_Tomo Mori_LowResTomo Mori was born in Shijonawate, Osaka, Japan. She studied fundamental drawing and painting intensively at Tokyo Metropolitan High School for Music and Fine Art. In 1991, she entered the Atlanta College of Art to pursue studying contemporary art in the U. S. However she took a career path in journalism and digital media field after graduation and worked for CNN and other media companies. In 2010, Tomo made the big decision to return to fine art as her full time focus. Since then she has been working almost exclusively in a meticulous, hands-on process of canvas-on-canvas collage. Her images echo the pixilation of the digital age while the method itself harkens back to more traditional forms of mosaic. Her work has been exhibited in New York, Atlanta and Tokyo. She received the congressional record for her winning painting for Bid on Culture banner design contest for 2011 and 2012. In 2011, she was selected as a semi finalist for MTA Art in Transit. Tomo currently lives and works in West Harlem, NYC as her creative base. www.moarte.net

Cynthia Leon (Honorable Mention)

佳作_Cynthia Leon_Large

Frank McGovern (Honorable Mention)

佳作_Frank McGovern_LowRes

Aaron Porter (Honorable Mention)


Sara Woolley (Honorable Mention)

佳作_Sara Woolley_LowRes




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