Activity Tent List

1. Wellness (Japanese Medical Support Network)

Providing an opportunity to gain a variety of ways to be healthy in New York. On site blood pressure check, stress check, stress management skills check, and grip strength check are implemented by licensed medical professionals.

2. YO-YO Fishing (JETAA NY & Japan Society)

Children can engage in the typical summer festival activity of “Yo-Yo Fishing” in a small pool and taking home a colorful balloon as their prize.

3. Language (Hills Learning)

The tent accommodates all levels of Japanese ability! While playing a real interactive game called Karuta, you’ll learn vocabulary related to the Sakura theme of Japan Day, as well as other vocabulary and phrases.

4. Hello Kitty (Sanrio Co., Ltd.)

Hello Kitty will welcome participants at Japan Day. Participants can also take a photograph with Hello Kitty.

5. Robot Sumo (Dr. Robot Inc.)

Dr. Robot provides opportunities to make things by hand, a rare opportunity nowadays. Participants will compete in real Robot Battle.

6. Kabuki Face Painting (Northeast Council of Teachers of Japanese)

Providing a very unique Kabuki-influenced painting design on participants’ faces.

7. Calligraphy (Japanese American Association of New York, Inc.)

This calligraphy workshop provides an opportunity to write their names or favorite words on a piece of paper by Japanese black ink, “Bokujyu”.

8. Chopsticks Games (NY de Volunteer)

Learn how to use chopsticks and challenge yourself to the fun and exciting Chopsticks Games! Our staff will teach you the tricks to using these wooden utensils. The game involves putting small balls into a cup using chopsticks

9. Origami (Enrichment Origami Art Therapy)

Providing an origami workshop for opportunity to the participants of all ages and ethnicities in New York. Here participants can create their own origami artwork. Including Cherry Blossom and Lucky Ball (Kusudama) for donation.

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