“Fortune Cookie in Love” New York ver. 

As this year’s special project, Japan Day @ Central Park created a New York version of the hit Japanese music video “Fortune Cookie in Love” by AKB48, a popular Japanese girls’ group. Since the song came out last August in Japan, it has sparked a national craze, with people filming their own versions of the song and posting them to YouTube. Japanese companies, towns, and cities have made their own videos for this song. The song’s popularity has spread worldwide, with fans in England, Australia, and Singapore filming their own covers.

Our version – “Fortune Cookie in Love” NY Version partakes of a joyous, global song and dance celebration, while also happily serving the missions of Japan Day: facilitating stronger grassroots connections within the local Japanese community and introducing New Yorkers to the wonder and diversity of Japanese culture.

We shot this video at various NYC landmarks, with the help of volunteers who wanted to be part of the project. We also asked many companies and organizations to film their own clips, and we are delighted they all submitted lively footage. Moreover, thousands of New Yorkers joined us on the day of the event (May 11th, 2014) to dance together and show true genki spirit!

Our special guests Jero, Senri Oe and Sonim made special appearances in the video as well! Also, check out the special scene incorporating a giant LED screen, “Toshiba Vision,” at Times Square!