The Japan Day stage program displays a wide range of Japanese culture, including traditional performances and contemporary performances every year.


Japan Day is currently seeking for performer(s) who is (are) interested in performing at Japan Day on a volunteer basis. The event is expected to be held by the Bandshell area, Central Park. The date is yet to be determined but is expected to be in May 2019. Please note that not all applicants can be selected due to the space limitations of the venue, the event budget and the Park regulations.


Please see below for details.


You must...

A.  Have more than 5 years of performing experience either individually or as a group.
B.  Have performed in public at least 3 times, either individually or as a group.
C.  Be able to adjust the length of performance as well as a number of participants.

* Please note that sound system at the venue might be limited due to the Park regulations. 

* Due to the Park restrictions, there are no sound checks or rehearsals at the venue for any stage performances.  


Please submit your application by clicking the "SUBMIT" icon below and filling out the required information. 


Friday, January 25th, 2019, 11:59PM (EST)


Selected Performers will be announced in March.

Please submit your application by clicking the "SUBMIT" icon below and fill out the required information.